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The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade

A few days ago I was at a Café with a friend of mine. As we were chatting we couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of the folks to our left. These people were constantly complaining about how horrible our society is and how we need to break free from these shackles. The tone would always go from how the “ Hindu Right “ in India is bigoted, to the only solution to all of this is complete “ revolution “. Now I want to clarify, I did not place them purposely to my left; it was just one of those things that happen sometimes:-). But what struck me about this entire conversation was the amount of hate and contempt these guys had for the prevailing state of affairs.

This takes us to the issue at large. Why are Left Liberals always Angry ? If you ask me personally, Left Liberals, especially the social justice warrior variety, are the most unpleasant people to be around. Not only are they themselves unhappy, they make sure that everyone else around them also stays unhappy. After all, they believe in equality:-). Now don’t get me wrong, I have friends on the Left, and they are very pleasing personalities. But if you look at the larger spread of the entire community you will find that some of the most unpleasant, vile, abusive and depressed folks are Left Liberals. Before getting angry and worked up just think about it. Look at the world of a Left Liberal. According to them, everything is wrong, everything is going downhill, the whole world is full of suffering and the Hindu Right is conspiring to destroy the secular fabric of India.

A major chunk of a Left Liberals life will go into identifying victims. Once they are done with playing “ Victim Victim “ they will then start inventing ways to get someone else to fix their problems. That someone else in most cases is the Government of India. Hence, don’t be surprised that Left Liberals love big government. They want the Government to interfere in all possible aspects of an average citizen’s life. They don’t believe in meritocracy. They fail to accept the simple fact of life that no one can help you overcome a problem other than yourself. The government at most can be a facilitator. This basic fact is very hard for a Left Liberal to digest.

A Left Liberals ideology is based upon hatred and divisiveness. Have you seen left liberal discussing positive ideas ? They will go on screaming ad nauseam that the Hindu Right hates the minorities, all Brahmins hate Dalits and each and every poor person should hate the rich. If you spend a day with a Left Liberal you will end up thinking that India must be the worst place to live on planet earth, Hinduism is the most barbaric religion and Hindus are horrible people who go around killing everybody.

A Left Liberals full-time job is to make sure that they discredit anyone who tries to question their methodology / ideas / suggestions. To understand this better, look at how they have treated Anupam Kher. Rather than debating the ideas and propositions presented by Anupam Kher, the Leftists have gone ahead and started calling him a “ communal actor “. Now no one knows what a communal actor is, in fact if you asked a Leftist to define it he would run away. But who cares about the details when the job is done.

The Left Liberal cannot handle any form of criticism. If anything it is the Left Liberal in India that epitomizes “ intolerance “. If you listen to them you will realize that they actually don’t even understand what tolerance means. Actual tolerance means that you have to come to terms with the reality that people will have different choices and views on a wide range of subjects. Secondly, people have the right to live as they choose to live. The Left Liberal view of tolerance is extremely fascistic. For them, only they have freedom of choice and every other group has to adhere to their norms 100 %. When the left accuses the Hindu Right of intolerance it has a lot of soul searching to do.

Now flip this around and ask yourself, do you feel like this when you hang around the so-called Hindu Right ? Have you noticed how happy they are ? Even if you have disagreements with the Hindu Right, which in the case of a skeptical Hindu like me are quite often, they don’t seem to turn into ugly confrontations. They will try to persuade you very politely when you question their beliefs. In many cases, they won’t even bother doing that. The discussion might end with a “ you are free to believe what you want to, but I disagree with you “. Yes, you will find the odd nut job here or there that will shout & scream and start asking for random bans. But by and large, the so-called Hindu Right is far more tolerant and accepting of alternative views than the average Left Liberal.

It might sound crazy to you but think about it. Is the “ Christian Right “ or the “ Muslim Right “ similar to the Hindu Right ? If you ask me personally the answer would be no they are not. The reason for this is that the Hindu Right is “ Hindu “. In the data compiled by the Office for National Statistics in the UK which studied the overall “ well-being “ among people of different faiths, Hindus were the happiest. They scored well above the national average of UK. The findings of this survey should not surprise anyone. Hindus tend to be the most accepting / adjusting / pluralistic people you might come across in your entire lifespan. That is because of the way Hinduism is structured. Hinduism has rarely considered any idea out of bounds. Hinduism does not have a concept of blasphemy or apostasy. Even atheism is considered a legitimate path in Hinduism. Hinduism is not structured in a rigid “ One God “ “ One Book “ “ One Prophet “ mold. India is not secular / pluralistic because of the stellar work by the political class or its constitution. It is simply because the larger ethos of India is based out of “ Hindu ideas “ which have ensured that India has remained sane by and large in spite of the stellar efforts of The Left Liberal Brigade.

All of us should remember one simple reality. As human beings, we are all in the pursuit of happiness. In that pursuit, we have to realize that if we don’t take personal responsibility for our actions we can never achieve that intended goal. But on the other hand, you want to be unhappy? Simply act like The Left Liberal Brigade and voila you will see instant results:-)

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