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It’s all in the Name

The Haryana Government has recently announced its decision to rename Gurgaon as Gurugram. In the recently concluded “Global investors summit” at Gurgaon, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar gave an explanation in regards to this decision. Gurgaon’s name change is an outcome of a proposal by the municipal corporation in 2012. A committee was formed to address the issue and the resolution to change the name has been passed thrice. A member of the committee has been quoted in the Indian Express saying “Most of us feel the city should be renamed Gurugram to emphasize the fact that this is where Guru Dronacharya used to live. Not many people are aware of it and there is nothing wrong in renaming it,”

It did not take much time for The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade to start criticizing this decision by the Haryana government. Someone called it “ A stupid decision which will take India back to prehistoric times “. Someone says “ Look at the roads in Gurgaon, why can’t this money be used to build infrastructure ? “.

But this criticism throws light on a much larger problem within our society. I have never come across another race like us. Every time we see such arguments presented against such name changes I can’t help but ask myself how much do we hate ourselves as a society. No one must hate themselves or their culture as much as The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade. How can such a large group of people who hate their past ever be happy? Just think about it. Imagine what goes on inside the head of this particular set of human beings. They have completely convinced themselves that nothing from their Hindu past is worth any value. In fact, they want to make sure that every single memory or remnant of our Hindu past should be consciously removed / negated. And this aspect of hating everything Hindu is a typical Regressive Left Liberal trait. To understand this breed in detail you can read this

Also to the ones who keep ranting what’s in the name. It isn’t just a change of name. It is a change of mindset. It is about owning up to what is truly yours. It is about decolonization. That is why changing the name of Aurangzeb road was the right decision. We are not supposed to name roads after people who murdered us. And the ones who did name the road after Aurangzeb suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. They have fallen in love with the abuser. Our cities and towns should be named after our common cultural heroes. It is about messaging. It is about projecting oneself as something unique and different. You cannot be a world beater unless you’re comfortable with who you truly are. If you remove the Hindu past, do you realize that you really have nothing left other than murder and genocide accompanied by Chicken Tikka of the Mughals and Railways by the British?

Get inspired from your glorious Hindu past and make your present better. This does not mean you get stuck in past glory. This also does not mean that you don’t have any problems in Hindu society. But it is about a choice we make on how we want to live our lives. We can safely assume that The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade choose to live a life full of sadness, depression, and a high-level inferiority complex. They need a savior and for them, that savior is the West. Ask yourself these questions. How is India supposed to project itself at the international arena ? If you are a marketing person do you go to a customer and tell him that he should buy your product because it is a piece of crap ? What will be our tourism catch line ? I guess it will be “ Welcome to India, we are a nation which has no past glory, we have been invaded by many great men in the past who saved us. Please join the list of those glorious folks “.

Yes, we can go on aping foreign cultures and all we’ll be at best is a decent imitation. Dear English speaking Indians, you’ll never be more American than an American. At best you’ll be a good poser / wannabe. As someone who is born and raised in Mumbai, I have seen a trend. In the last 15 years, I have seen a healthy rise in buildings with western names. You have buildings in Mumbai with European Names. As if by giving the building a European Name we’ll make that building like Europe:-) To the ones who are ranting “ because roads are in XYZ state a name change to Gurugram means nothing “ should ponder over the point mentioned above too.

Also are the issues of changing a city name and the quality of roads even connected ? Are these things even in the same domain? What some Indians are saying is that we should not have any name change until we fix XYZ problems. Is that even logical? If that is the stand then the government should not undertake any space project until it has successfully removed all poverty from India. Dear morons, life is not about strict yes or no choices.

Yes, there are many things we can learn from the West. See how they go around selling the concept of “the superiority of Western values” like this video Read about American Exceptionalism. Heck, they used that concept to justify invasions of other nations:-) But this does not mean that the entire West is evil. The west has many good things to offer from which we can learn a lot. As someone who has lived in the West and is also married to a westerner, I can personally vouch for that. But that does not mean we obliterate our past to get the benefits from another society. We need to understand that being Modern is not equal to being Western. Modernity can easily be blended with Indian Hindu values.

My dear fellow Indians, yes there are genuine problems in our society. But it does not mean we start hating our past so much. Also, before outraging on any subject, try to pause and think about it. Ask yourself some questions like the ones that have been raised above. Do you think when the city was called Gurgaon the roads were becoming better / worse because it was called Gurgaon ? These are two separate domains. Roads are an infrastructure related issue and what we call our cities is a cultural issue. Every country needs to define its ethos. Every country has a grand narrative. And as Indians, we shouldn’t shy away from stating that India’s ethos is Hindu. That does not mean that there is no place for people of other denominations. In fact being a Hindu is about being accommodating and pluralistic. Also to the ones who will accuse me of imposing a Hindu Theocracy on India my reply is this Now let me end this blog with a hypothetical scenario. Hey Left Liberals, the government has renamed Gurugram back to Gurgaon. See how the roads are suddenly becoming better and the traffic is reducing:-) Also, I wonder what the outrage would be like if they would have named Gurgaon to KhudaBaksh Gaon:-)

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