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The Reactionary and Over Emotional Right

” Jaago Hindu Jaago ” are the words you will often read if you are a regular visitor on Facebook and Twitter. In fact if you do a Google search of these words you will see a huge number of search results showcasing a wide range of subjects. Sometimes they will mention the diminishing population of Hindus in Bengal or the activities of Christian Evangelists converting Hindus in different parts of India. Now on the face of it, these seem to be absolutely genuine grievances if one is going to look at it from the point of view of a Hindu. But there is a common factor in all these searches. I personally tried to check the entries presented in the first 6 pages of the Google search and all the entries were basically complaints. They were random Facebook and Twitter handles complaining about how the Hindu society is under siege. But a very important question needs to be asked. Once they identify the problem what are they doing about it ? What is the way forward ? And this is where the problem starts. This is the defining feature of the entire Hindu movement. It is full of complaints with over emotional and reactionary supporters.

Whether it is an individual Facebook / Twitter handle, online news portals or the political and social organisations of the Hindus, by and large, the Hindu movement is full of complaints about how Hindus are getting a raw deal and no one really cares for them. BJP is a reaction to Congress’ brand of secularism. Even till date it is very hard to find out what BJP really stands for at an ideological level. The BJP’s socio- political and economic position is similar to how Dev Anand (the famous Hindi Cinema actor) used to stand i.e he would stand with his legs and most of his body straight and would have his head tilting towards the right just like BJP’s political stand where they are on the “Left” but their head is leaning towards the “Right”.

None of the terms used by the BJP in their socio political communication have been explained in detail. Even if some books are written where someone has explained it they are hardly available for the masses to buy and read. In fact you will hear about these books more in the form of criticisms by the Left rather than the promotion by the BJP itself. For example, try to buy a copy of Integral Humanism of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya on Flipkart or Amazon and you will see that it’s just not available. This is where BJP fails miserably when it comes to marketing their wishy-washy ideology or their governments achievements.

Now let us see the online news portals of the Hindu movement. A few days ago we heard news of the shutting down of Niti Central. If you ask me personally I was not surprised. There was no revenue model and the content was not up to the mark. But this brings us to the larger problem with the Hindu movement. I see people reading articles on Swarajya, My Ind Makers, Op India and India Facts, but they hardly share or post such articles so that others can also read them. You will hardly see anyone on the Hindu side who will pay money to subscribe to a good Hindu news portal. Yes, you will find a few subscribers here and there, but largely people on the Hindu side want things for free. They don’t want to pay for good content. So don’t be surprised if after a few years Swarajya & Indiafacts too will shut down or will do a complete ideological U-turn to stay alive. And compare this situation with the Left in India. The Left is fully funded and they have a cohesive ecosystem where they back each other. You will constantly see Left news portals sharing articles written by the other. They will constantly interview editors / journalists from other likeminded news outlets and get their views on their ” perceived problems ” of India. Now ask yourself how many interviews / webinars have you seen being conducted by the 4 popular online Hindu news portals where they have invited each other ? The Left believes in setting agendas. They have long term goals. The Niti Central experience should make us realise that if we don’t take corrective measures, most outlets that show case our point of view will die down.

For any movement to have a long lasting effect it needs to show case what it stands for. When someone constantly keeps reacting to the points raised by the other side it achieves nothing significant. The Hindus say they don’t like the Congress Brand of Secularism. They say they don’t like Constitutional Patriotism espoused by the Left. They don’t like the appeasement policies of the different political outfits in India. Fair enough, but what do they like ? If they are clear about these things, have they ever gone about explaining it to the fence sitters ? By constantly pointing out the faults of the Left we might have disenchanted a few people and made them steer away from the Left temporarily. But are they with the Hindu side ? For eg. many people voted for the BJP not because they like the party, but because they dislike Congress a lot more.

It is high time we start setting our agenda. It is time we have precise definitions for the terms we use to express our point of view. In plain simple terms we have to learn the art of promoting each other. Instead of reacting to the labels given to us by the Left, we should start presenting our point of view to the larger audience. If you want to understand the modus operandi of the Left you can read this

Social Media is a unique place where you find everybody becoming an expert on a wide range of issues such as Foreign Policy, Military Strategy, Economics, Theology etc. We should control our urge to speak on everything. Try to become a subject matter expert on a few things and showcase your point of view on those things rather than becoming a universal ranting machine. It is nice to shut up once in a while. Rather than being emotional, reactionary, illogical, over opinionated & under informed we should try to be precise and presentable.

We need to start approaching business houses or other potential funders on our side to realise the importance of having publications that show case our point of view. Some % of the funding has to be consciously diverted to intellectual activities. Yes funding our NGO’s, Temples etc is very important. But some funds need to reach a handful of good Hindu portals to represent our point of view. These Portals in turn need to have a constant interaction with each other. More and more people on the Hindu side need to be encouraged to read books and write blogs. Also, we need to constantly push these portals to try to be less reactionary and more ideas based. For eg. just see the number of articles written on Kanhaiya by Swarajya, Op India, My Ind makers. Ask yourself, did Kanhaiya deserve the kind of attention he got from our side ? Have we ever promoted one good Hindu activist / writer / politician from our side the way we discussed Kanhaiya ?

It is very easy to sit in the comfort of our homes and give unlimited ” gyaan ” or complain 24 x 7. But societies are not transformed by whiners. Every Hindu knows that they had a glorious past. But is that good enough ? I’d like to end this blog with the lines used by R Jagannathan in an article in the Swarajya magazine ” We are proud of what we achieved in the past. But will our ancestors be proud of what we are doing now?” The past is over; Hindus have the world to conquer by looking at the future.


What will be interesting to watch now is will people learn from this and start supporting Swarajya and other online Hindu Portals by subscribing to them so that at least these few portals survive. And before someone starts asking what do I do, I support Dharma will Tan, Man & ” Dhan “. So don’t sermonize me.

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