Kushal Mehra

What do I say about myself? I try to find out who am I. Isn't that the question that bothers all of us. After all who are we? Why do we do certain things the way we do them? There are far too many questions that are left answered in this constantly evolving and ever-changing world of ours. Why do we look at everything through the prism of an ism? Why do we love to label everyone? Why can't we handle the diversity of thought? Why are we constantly engaged in the process of homogenising opinions? Someone is a right winger; someone is a left winger. Are classifications such as "right wing" & "left wing" or "atheist" & "theist" meaningful in a global world? Why don't we ask ourselves these questions? Are we a Karma centric society or are we a God-obsessed society? Are Western values universal? If not, does that make someone who questions them a moral relativist? Are all religions the same? If yes, define similarity? What role does a state have in society? Are religions above criticism? Are religions divine revelations or just a set of ideas created by human beings just like you and me? If they are human creations are religions an evolutionary necessity? There are so many questions like these that need to be discussed and debated openly in a civilised manner. I am trying to attempt to find answers to these and much more such questions. But if you still want to know a bit about me well then I am a self-employed Textile Entrepreneur from Mumbai. I'm a Dharmic Skeptic who finds doubt elevating. My primary interest lies in redefining Indian scepticism via Indian epistemological categories.

If you wish to contact me, drop in an email at contact@kushalmehra.com