यावज्जीवेत्सुखं जीवेत् ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिबेत् ।
भस्मीभूतस्य देहस्य पुनरागमनं कुतः ।।

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If you don’t click and read this article, your left eye will swell and hurt

We are in unique times. We have officially entered the age of unwanted misdirected online hyperventilation. People literally read the headline of an article and start outraging without reading the content and applying their mind about whether what is being done is good or not.

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posted on 26th April 2017

Latest Podcast

Ujwala Yojana & The Liquor Bans around India

What is the Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojana? What are the targets set by the government? What targets have been achieved by the government? How many of us have bothered to research about these things? I sit down with Mukul Agarwal to discuss how this scheme of the current government has been a game changer in rural India. We also discuss the issue of liquor bans in different states and their effectiveness.

posted on 11th April 2017

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War Room of Modi

BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi uses social media for election campaigning. A team of 100 members work for internet campaign of BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi.

posted on 17th October 2016

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