Ujwala Yojana & The Liquor Bans around India

What is the Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojana? What are the targets set by the government? What targets have been achieved by the government? How many of us have bothered to research about these things? I sit down with Mukul Agarwal to discuss how this scheme of the current government has been a game changer in rural India. We also discuss the issue of liquor bans in different states and their effectiveness.

posted on 11th April 2017

My conversation with Shrikant Talageri

What is the Aryan Invasion Theory? What is the basic premise? What are the problems associated with this theory? Can there be another alternative? I try to discuss this and some other related issues with Shrikant Talageri. You can read Shrikant Talageri's work at talageri.blogspot.in/ You can buy his books here and here.

posted on 10th April 2017

My conversation with Sankrant Sanu

How many times in your life have you been taunted for speaking in improper English? And as you are being taunted about that how many times in a day have you observed that someone speaking to you in your own mother tongue or in any Indian regional language keeps making errors after errors and no one says anything about it? Why do we as a people single out mistakes committed by our fellow sapiens in English while the self-inflicted balaatkaar of our languages happens without anyone raising any objection? I try to decode this peculiar trait and the vast array of problems associated with the "English Language Medium" with Sankrant Sanu. You can buy his book here The English version of the book can be bought here.

posted on 6th March 2017

Ratan Sharda1

What is the RSS? What is their origin? What kind of social work are they involved in? Why is the RSS so media shy? Why is there is no clarity on what the RSS stands for? What is the view of RSS on section 377 and homosexuality? What is the view of the RSS on 295A and the whole issue of freedom of speech at large? What is happening to RSS members in Kerala? What is the basic relationship between the RSS and the BJP? I try to find answers to these questions as I chat with Ratan Sharda of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

posted on 10th January 2017

A conversation with Anuraag saxena

What is our track record when it comes to handling the artefacts that represent our ancient civilisation? What kind of a job have we done to make sure that the representations of our past are kept intact? I try to find answers to these questions in a conversation with Anuraag Saxena #BringOurGodsHome Follow me on twitter: @kushal_mehra Follow Anuraag on twitter: @anuraag_saxena Watch the IPP video: www.bit.ly/IPPvideo Learn more: www.ipp.org.in

posted on 17th December 2016

Unreal Aliens

For the first time in human history, a nation is playing host to an alien delegation. And it is Modi-led India that has this high honour. Prime Minister Modi rolls out the red carpet for the aliens. He receives them at the airport, shows them the sights in Delhi and convinces them to invest in the Make in India campaign. The leader of the alien delegation even holds a broom to promote Swachh Bharat. But what is the real reason the aliens have come to India? Are they friends? Or will they turn foes? Read this hilarious, rib-tickling novel from the author of Unreal Elections to find out. Available on Amazon.

posted on 26th November 2016


Ever since it was announced on the night of 8th November, demonetization has become the talk of the town. Some are hailing it, while some are opposing it. With conflicting views from all sides, confusion prevails amongst the common citizens. What is demonetization? How does it affect our lives? What are the facts and which part of it is fiction? As we go through this churn, there are many questions that are left unanswered. To make it simple for you and easy to understand, listen to this conversation where we try to simplify the concept of demonetization, explain its pros and cons and the overall impact on the economy.

posted on 21st November 2016

My Conversation With Alok Bhatt

Do we have free speech in India? Can gender rights be selective? Do we let go of our fundamental human rights because someone's religious sentiments are hurt? Is Gender Equality subject to religious values? These questions should be asked by all of us today. What was Alok's fault? Is caring for the rights of crores of Muslim women in India a crime?

posted on 25th October 2016

The Status of Muslim women in India

Do you believe in gender equality? If yes, why don't you speak about the plight of Muslim Women in India? When will Muslim women get their basic human rights in India? The Law commission of India has asked us to share our views on the issue of Triple Talaq/Polygamy and some other issues via this survey docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQL…/viewform?c=0&w=1 Please fill this form and email it to lci-dla@nic.in. If you want to send it via post the address is Law Commission of India, 14th Floor, H.T House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi - 110001

posted on 14th October 2016

Wannabe Atheism

Are you an atheist? If yes do you know what it means? Do you think it is cool to call yourself an atheist? Is wannabe atheism fine? I try to address some of these issues by discussing a tweet of @thetanmay.

posted on 8th October 2016

Surgical Strikes in POK

Indian armed forces carried out early morning surgical strikes on terrorist camps in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir. The attacks have lead to varying reactions from all sides within and outside India. The Indian Left being true to itself has once again tried to play the "Aman Ki Asha" card. Why do Indian Leftists have such a deep rooted Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to dealing with Pakistan?

posted on 1st October 2016

Desi Liberals and the URI attacks

Armed Militants attacked an army base in Uri, Kashmir. 17 brave Indian soldiers have lost their lives. Once again there is a clear Pakistani connection. And as usual, the Desi Liberals are toeing the Pakistani line. Why are Desi Liberals the way they are?

posted on 24th September 2016

The canary in the coal mine - Interview with Kushal Mehra

Yasha and Felix talk to Kushal Mehra about India, multiculturalism, immigration and the refugee crisis. They find out how India’s problems relate to Europe and come to the conclusion that India should be recognized as the canary in the coal mine.

posted on 26th May 2016